Unknown to the wage slaves that roam its streets and fill its arcologies, the city of Melbourne is under the grip of a tyrant who is waging a covert war that threatens to spill into the streets every day. The Leviathan Kath'wyn has tendrils reaching far, into political parties, mega-corperations, the magical world and the astral plane, twisting the fate of the city and its inhabitants to his own agenda.

In recent nights, conflict between mercenaries working for the Leviathan and the Infected spilled out into the open streets of the city. Panic flooded the populace, as reports of collateral damage and casualties began to roll in. The fighting only ended after Kath'wyn himself entered the fray, turning the Infected back from their march towards the Renraku Arcology back to the sewers they came from.

As the dust from the battle settles, many people are left dead, wounded… or missing.

Caught in the Leviathan's Wake

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